"Awake, my dear.​

Be kind to your sleeping h​eart.

Take it out into the vast fields of Light

And let it breathe." ​

               -Hafiz  (translation by Ladinsky)

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What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient system of treating illness by rebalancing the body energetically. Theoretically based on the observance of nature, acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine view the body as a microsystem mirroring the larger macro systems of the earth. These systems operate at their best when there is balance and harmony.

We do our best to find balance in our daily lives. Sometimes we feel “out of synch”, aware that something isn’t quite right in our lives and our bodies. That’s because our bodies are sending us messages. We call them symptoms. Like the "check engine" light in our cars, symptoms alert us to pay attention so that we can avoid bigger problems later on and so that we can find the underlying problem and correct it. Ignoring our body’s messages or attempting to simply “make them go away” is a bit like putting tape over the “check engine” light in our car. Our body (or our car) will increase the urgency of the symptoms in an attempt to get our attention. Continue to ignore it and eventually the consequences can be catastrophic.

 For 3000 years acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been used to prevent disease, treat illness and relieve pain. Acupuncture needles and Chinese herbs are the primary tools I use to help a patient return to balance. Some people say that an acupuncture treatment reminds your body what it feels like to be healthy. Most people experience treatments as simultaneously energizing and calming.

How is Chinese herbal medicine used?

Chinese herbal medicine can be used with acupuncture or as a stand alone therapy.  Herbal formulas are comprised of 3 to 25 herbal ingredients.  The herbs in a formula are chosen based on their energetic principles and their ability to work synergistically to treat your root disharmony or pattern(s) of imbalance. In many cases I will write a specific formula tailored to the needs of the individual patient and then assemble it in my dispensary. The herbs stocked in my dispensary come from companies that routinely test for contaminates and heavy metals. Each ingredient is used in a small dose. Chinese herbal medicine helps to shift imbalances  a little bit at a time with a keen awareness that human beings are more able to sustain change if it comes at a pace that their bodies can assimilate. A nurse who worked as a medic in the Vietnam War once told me “the body will do almost anything if you ask it nicely”, and that's exactly what we try to do.

What our customers are saying

If you had asked me a year ago I would have told you I have no desire to try acupuncture. I was very skeptical. Finally I gave it a try.  Now, my knee pain is gone, my mood is better, my stress level is down and I sleep right through the night! It's awesome!

Terry B. -  patient

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